The Power of Acknowledgment

To celebrate the International Women in Engineering day 2018, ARUP San Francisco office organized an activity to appreciate the work female engineers are doing to raise the bar. At that time, I was doing an internship there and this is what I received! Ever since that day, this note has been a source of motivation for me. On my not-so-productive days, I come back to this and remember that my contributions can be important and are recognized.

Acknowledgments are powerful. It lifts up people. I recently read that when reviewing any work, we are so keen to improve it that we only point out the shortcomings but do not acknowledge and write about what is right about the work, we do not put enough effort to praise the good part. Here's a mental (and written) note to acknowledge and appreciate more.

#powerofacknowledgment #WiE #motivation

Jan 11, 2021